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  • John Anderson

Following Jesus & Forsaking His Church (Part Two)

False Humility

On the surface the whole I love Jesus and want nothing to do with church sounds so radical and hip that it really does appear to be a more simple and humble way to live life. But in truth, think about what one is really saying:

1. People in the church are not really following Jesus.

2. I am going to be the real Jesus follower in spite of all other misguided souls in the church.

3. No church is really serious about following Jesus, therefore I do not need to the church.

4. I have my own agreement with Jesus, therefore church is a waste of time and energy.

5. I am my own religion.

I have found this feigned humility is great until tragedy strikes in someone's life and they NEED A CHURCH FAMILY. Of course when they come around with hearts broken, hands open, and in a desparate way, we reach out to them but it is never enough. There is no relationship with the body, no give all take, no serving only to be served and when the church does not do exactly what this individual thinks should be done, the church is full of hypocrites and non-Jesus followers.

This is a tragically typical way that many "Jesus Followers" have come to view and treat the bride of Jesus Christ. The church is to only be used when I need her, but do not ask me to attend, sacrifice, serve, love, forgive, work, submit, and involve myself in the life of others, that is too legalistic and squelches my freedom in Christ. This is nothing but false humility and moochianity. (My made up word for the week. Definition - one who mooches off of God's church.)

A real Jesus follower will strive to fulfill the 60 plus "one another" commands found in the writings of Paul in the context of the local church. A true follower of Jesus will model the spirit that Jesus told his disciples to model in John 13 when he washed the feet of His imperfect disciples and told them that He is their example. When we serve others in the body of Christ, we are genuinely serving Jesus.

Genuine humility recognizes our imperfection in self first, accepts it in others, and rejoices that it does not exist in our Savior and Bible! Don't forsake the church and hide behind the mask of false humility. Jesus loves you perfectly and loves His church perfectly, and the church is a wonderful place for imperfect people to celebrate His perfect love and strive to model it towards one another.

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