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It's All Good!

"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." - Romans 8:28

Last Sunday Evening following our streamed service, I met Sara and the kids at Culvers for our Sunday Evening tradition! After we ordered, two families from our church came in so we all decided to sit at safe distances together and enjoy some fellowship and custard together.

While we were eating, I noticed that one of our men put some poison on his French fries. I really did! He put actual poison on his food and then shockingly ate it! What was crazy though is that it did not hurt him, in fact he was smiling while he ate this poison! It did not hurt him because what was poison was not actually poison. Actually it was a white grainy substance. It is called sodium chloride. Some people call it SALT.

Salt is made up of two ingredients: Sodium, which is dealt poison and chloride which is also deadly poison. When compounded together, it is table salt! Two elements, which are poisonous and bad for us when alone, turn into something really good when they are mixed together!

There are certain things that in and of themselves are not good. In and of themselves they are bad, even terrible. But when the Chief Chemist, our Father in Heaven, mixes the cross into the negative circumstances of life, those negative things can become wonderful!

God compounds the negative within the crucible of his omnipotence, and mixes them with the hand of his love so that these things become wonderful! They become the flavors of life and they actually nourish us.

So today, those negative things that may have come about because of the setbacks you are experiencing. Please remember that if you only see the negative, you are missing the positive compound that God is mixing into this for your good and His glory! When you see both components you will realize that "It's all good because God is good!" Stay encouraged today my friend in spite of the negative circumstances in life, your Father loves you and is mixing up something wonderful for you today! It really is ALL GOOD!

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